Sep 20, 2021 • 28M

Episode 19, Stuart Varney, Fox Business Network

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Mark Joyella, senior contributor at Forbes, talks to the people making the news--and the news people covering their stories. New episodes every Wednesday.
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Stuart Varney is a busy man—and he’s about to get even busier. Varney anchors host of Fox Business Network’s market opening program, Varney & Company, a fixture of the network’s programming that’s often the highest-rated financial program on cable. But starting today, Varney takes on part of FBN’s prime time lineup as well, with the debut of American Built with Stuart Varney, which focuses on architects, engineers and historians and the iconic projects they created, like the Hoover Dam and the Hubble Space Telescope.

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In Episode 18 of the podcast, I spoke with Fox News national security correspondent Jennifer Griffin, about America’s exit from Afghanistan. Griffin’s been reporting in and about the Middle East for 30 years, and is today one of the best-sourced journalists covering the Pentagon. In our conversation, Griffin talked about the first Saturday she’d had off from work in 30 days of nonstop reporting on Afghanistan, and how stepping away from the story brought up a flood of emotions. She was attending the convocation at Georgetown University, where her two daughters are attending classes.

“I sat there listening, feeling extremely emotional at the idea that they made the announcement that 60% of the Georgetown class were women this year,” Griffin told me, the pain and sadness catching in her throat. “And I just thought of those Afghan university students in Kabul, and how those girls are not going to be getting educated. It is too much. This is 20, 30 years of scar tissue.”